TED Talk – Becci Manson: (Re)touching lives through photos

I stumbled upon a very interesting TED talk. Becci Manson is a photo retoucher who flew to Tóhoku, Japan after the 2011 earthquake/tsunami to help with cleanup and rebuilding.

She writes: “During those 3 weeks of digging ditches and gutting homes I discovered vast amounts of photos that had been found and handed into evacuation centers. The photos were dirty, wet and homeless. As I spent my first day hand-cleaning them, I couldn’t help but think how easy it would be for me, my colleagues and my friends to fix some of them. So we did.”

She spent the next 6 months organizing a worldwide network of volunteer retouchers, restoring these photos and training local All Hands volunteer teams to hand-clean the photos handed in to local authorities. These teams have restored hundreds and hand-cleaned well over 100,000 photos.

Since the project in Tóhoku, Manson and her team has begun similar cleaning and retouching projects in Prattsville, NY after Hurricane Irene, and in Binghamton, NY after Tropical Storm Lee.

The TED Blog post here.

The 9:49 TED talk is here.

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